What is Local SEO and How Can You Use It?

How many times have you searched; best bars in my area, how to get pizza in Birmingham/your area or even where to get relaxed locally? A couple, right?

You could have published an advertisement on a magazine but your potential customer may not read it.

You could have dropped brochures on doorsteps but they could go to the junk folder, not forgetting that some people hate it.

And then you start remembering that internet exists. And it could be the best shot you got. The internet has become our major source of answers and since SEO is 'new age' marketing, for businesses to thrive more they'll need it. SEO Birmingham has companies working hard to create the best local SEO daily.

So, what exactly is local SEO?

Local SEO is positioning of a business on search engines while targeting relevant keywords in content that will reach their potential customers.

How can you make your website local friendly?

1. On Page local SEO

You can put all business contact on the footer and a few pages to repeatedly highlight your brand name and location as keywords.

Including a map would also come in handy to pinpoint the exact meaning of the website by business location.

2. Encourage customers to leave reviews

If you encourage customers to leave reviews after they visit your business is a great SEO hack. This will bring out a real conversation regarding your services between customers. Google doesn't leave this to go unnoticed and within no time you get ranked for local searches in your niche.

3. Research places for business on google

When you know where people meet to talk about business, you claim your space too and set up detailed page about your business.

4. Google+ for local

This has great features that you can use to market keywords that point to your business.

Wrap up

Local SEO makes it easy to dominate your niche. When you use searchable keywords, your site will gain popularity real fast and so will your business. This is because many local small businesses aren't yet caught up with the internet marketing era. SEO Birmingham has services that provide efficient local SEO for business development.